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Spa Waterline Cleaning Pack

Waterline Cleaning pack includes a Tub scrubber and 350g of Waterline Cleaning Paste.

Great for cleaning the waterline on your hot tub - Especially at water changes!

Save money by buying together in this exclusive pack.

FAQs regarding this product...

Does the hot tub need to be empty?
No, however the waterline cleaning paste may unbalance water chemistry, so an empty spa is preferable.

How is a waterline caused?
This is because your PH is unbalanced or because excessive oils and soaps are entering the spa.

Removed all the stains from the water line. I was concerned it was going. To be abrasive but it's not. ...

Rated by Nick Buckley

very good cream was concerned it would of been an abrasive but its isnt ,so easy to use ...

Rated by robert Phillips

Does the job, above the waterline all looks new again! ...

Rated by James Garnham