Happy Hot Tubs - the best for your hot tub

Happy Instant Filter Cleaner has been specifically formulated for your hot tub filter.

Application: Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection when using this product.

Remove the filter from the hot tub and hose off any loose debris.

Simply Spray on to your filter, wait 15 minutes and rinse off. No need for soaking or waiting. 

Warning: Do not mix with other chemicals as a dangerous reaction may occur.

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Packaging & delivery on all your goods is superb. This instant cleaner is very useful for a quick filter clean, ...

Rated by Carolyn Wearmouth

Excellent product. I use this to clean the waterline once a fortnight (same day I change the filter). As usual good ...

Rated by Ian Bovey

Seems to work pretty well. Nice clean filter afterwards. ...

Rated by Michael Heads

Always a good buy. Does the job well. And as expected. ...

Rated by Beth Hinton