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Calcium Hardness Raiser 5kg

5kg Swimming Pool Calcium Hardness Raiser 

Used for increasing the calcium hardness of swimming pool or hot tub water.  Calcium hardness is the measurement of dissolved calcium in water.  For Pools, calcium hardness should be maintained at a minimum of 200mg/l(ppm).

Low calcium hardness can damage the pool and its equipment, therefore it is vital that the level is kept above the minimum using Calcium Hardness Raiser.   Water that is too soft has even been known to lead to some swimming pool tiles popping off. This happens as the tile bonding cannot work effectively in these conditions.

To ensure calcium deposits do not form, it is vital to esure PH level is kept correct when using Calcium hardness raiser.


Very good as it is needed in our area as water is very soft. ...

Rated by David Hunter

I didn't realise that hardness was important but have just had to replace my pump because it was corroded as ...

Rated by Sarah Burrows

good value product in large tub. water very soft where we live so we get through loads of this. ...

Rated by james collins

Great product, quick delivery and great price. Really pleased. ...

Rated by Kelly Young

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