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White Musk Vanilla Jasmine 22oz

White Musk Vanilla Jasmine 22oz. Spazazz Spa Aromatherapy Crystals.

This fragrance is made by the leading hot tub fragrance manufacturer- SPAZAZZ.  Enjoy your spa experience even more with this heavenly fragrance.  Designed specifically for Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths, just sprinkle into the water and transform your bathing into a  soothing spa heaven.  All Crystals feature a natural blend of minerals, herbs & botanicals, leaving skin soft, supple and with a healthy glow.

Benefits include:

  • anti-inflammatory.
  • Soothe sore muscles.
  • Alleviate tension & Stress.

Also available in the fragrances below:

  • Grapefruit Orange
  • Kiwi Pear
  • Green Tea Peony
  • Lavender Palmarosa
  • Verbena Lime Coconut

Smells so yummy love it dissolves easily enjoy it Relaxing aroma goes well with rum and coke ...

Rated by Adrian Dale

Bought this again very recently and had forgotten how much I love the fragrance. Will buy some more as soon ...

Rated by Sarah Kinnane

Smells beautiful , will buy again & does not effect the PH of the pool ...

Rated by Fiona Edwards

Great product. Have only tried this smell, love it ...