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Our "walk on" covers have reinforced foam inserts which are covered in fibreglass making them very strong and durable. Fibreglass is made from strands of glass extruded into very fine fibres and then bound with a binder. This mixture is sprayed onto each foam insert and once dry the fibreglass becomes very stiff and strong.

If you attempt to sit or stand on a traditional hot tub cover then the foam will break, but our "walk on" covers are designed to hold weight. A "walk on" cover is particularly useful for the following environments:

  1. Holiday lets or rental where users may not always treat the hot tub cover as carefully as you would hope.
  2. Hot tubs which are sunk, or partially sunk into the ground or decking. This type of installation means the cover is more prone to damage from large pets, children or adults walking or sitting on the cover.
  3. In locations where heavy snow is prevalent as snow build up can add considerable weight and eventually break a normal cover.

A "walk on" cover is heavier than a standard cover so where possible we would recommend using it with a good quality cover lifter capable of holding the weight. As an approximate guide a walk on cover is about 10kg heavier than a standard cover.

We can supply any shape or size hot tub cover to your exact specification in 9-12 weeks.


  • Fibreglass covered inserts which are very strong and durable
  • High quality grain effect vinyl fabric available in a choice of 13 colours (see online order form for colour samples)
  • Full heat seal hinge
  • Steel channel reinforcing section
  • Vinyl skirt to overhang the tub and help retain heat
  • Heavy duty reinforced zip fastenings
  • Heavy density foam inserts wrapped in heat sealed black polythene
  • Tapered for water run off
  • Split in middle for ease of handling
  • Reinforced handles
  • Vinyl straps with quick release buckle and child safety locks
  • Cover split on longest side unless specified otherwise
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty subject to terms and conditions - click here to view full warranty
  • Price is for covers up to 2.4m square

Please keep in mind that whilst you can walk on this cover, it is not designed for extreme weight (so no pet elephants on the cover please!), or high impacts such as jumping.

Order Form

If you wish to place an order please click here to complete our online order form to specify the dimensions and preferences for your custom-made cover.  You still need to "Add to Cart" (below) to pay for your cover. Please note we cannot process order forms without payment.

Alternatively if you prefer to complete an order form by hand then you can download a printable order form, to complete and post to us at: Happy Hot Tubs, Unit G2, Fort Wallington Industrial Estate, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8TT. Please enclose a cheque along with your order form, or a daytime telephone number so we can contact you to take card payment on receipt of your order.

Please note we can only accept custom cover orders in writing. Custom cover orders are non refundable once production has started.


Need help?

Please click here to read our handy guide on how to measure your hot tub cover, including a simple picture to demonstrate how you measure a corner radius, and a helpful tutorial video on measuring your radius.

Alternatively if you have any questions please call 02380 812769.


Covers over 2.4m square

Price is for covers up to 2.4m square. If your hot tub is larger than this, please contact us by phone (02380 812769) or email (admin@happyhottubs.co.uk) for a quote. 



Choose from 13 colours; Midnight Black, Brown Tan, Ocean Blue, Mocha Brown, Racing Green, Driftwood Grey, Charcoal Grey, Redwood Brown, Pebble Black, Matt Black, Chocolate Brown, Mahogany Brown and Snow White.


Colour sample fan
Midnight Black
HHT001 - Midnight Black
Brown Tan
HHT002 - Brown Tan
Ocean Blue
HHT003 - Ocean Blue
Mocha Brown
HHT004 - Mocha Brown
Racing Green
HHT005 - Racing Green
Driftwood Grey
HHT006 - Driftwood Grey
Charcoal Grey
HHT007 - Charcoal Grey
Redwood Brown
HHT008 - Redwood Brown
Pebble Black
HHT009 - Pebble Black
Matt Black
HHT010 - Matt Black
Chocolate Brown
HHT011 - Chocolate Brown
Mahogany Brown
HHT012 - Mahogany Brown
Snow White
HHT013 - Snow White


Arrived within delivery window specified. The quality was good. Colour was not an exact match of the sample and there ...

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