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Veho Water Resistant Bluetooth Music System

The wireless Vecto music system from Veho has been designed for the outdoor lifestyle. With its rugged robust chassis and water resistant housing the Vecto speaker is the perfect companion for your spa side entertainment or camping, fesitvals, trekking, sailing, the beach, picnics or lazing by the pool!


  • 2 x 4 watt speaker, dual acoustic drivers coupled with two powerful speakers to give a wide audiospectrum.
  • Wireless 4.0 Bluetooth low energy and NFC quick pair for ultimate range and conenctivity.
  • Large 6000 mAh battery that can charge most smartphones 4 times!
  • 16 hours playback.
  • Built in handsfree microphone and microSD slot for standalone mp3 playback.

This great music system is compact, light and water resistant and therefore perfect for sitting next to your hot tub and adding to your spa experience. 

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