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Tile and Liner Cleaner 2ltr

Blue Horizons Tile & Liner Cleaner is a highly effective liquid cleaner used to remove oils and greases that accumulate around the pool waterline.  Deposits of dirt can form on a swimming pool waterline through the entry of suncream, detergents and cosmetics. This can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also make the pool extremely unsightly.

Compatible with all types of swimming pool surface.

This cleaner does not react with sanitisers, enabling the waterline to be cleaned without unbalancing water chemistry. 

Simply apply using a cloth or sponge, gently work the cleaner onto the waterline and rinse off using pool water.


I use a chemical-free system, will this affect my water chemistry? No, Tile and Liner Cleaner is neutral and will not affect any form of sanitisation.

I'm worried about what this may do to my liner, how can i overcome this fear? Simply apply to a small section of the liner to ensure compatibility and follow the correct procedures.

Will this clean my swimming pool's stone surround? No, this is specifically produced to clean the waterline of swimming pools and a specialist stone cleaner should be used for the approriate surround. 

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