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The Original Bheestie Emergency Revive Kit 28g
Drop It In... Dry It Out!
The Bheestie is you best chance to revive your wet mobile phone, iPod, watch, camera, headphones and game players.
The Bheestie was created for everyday moisture removal from mobile devices, but it has also rescued water-soaked electronics that have accidentally crossed paths with puddles, washing machines, swimming pools, rainstorms and other unfortunate circumstances.
We can't promise your electronic gear can be saved, but the Bheestie Bag provides the best chance to bring your device back to life.
  • Interior bag dimensions - 5.25 x 7 inches / 13.34 x 17.78cm
  • Gusseted bottom bag
  • 28g bag of Bheestie beads
5 Simple Steps to Fix Your Device:
  1. Turn electronics off
  2. Dry of any visible moisture
  3. Place in Bheestie Bag
  4. Zip seal tight
  5. Depending on severity of soaking, leave from 8 hours to 72.

The Bheestie bead pack contains blue indicating beads. When the blue beads turn grey it's time to replace your Bheestie Bag. Beads can stay active up to one year depending on usage and keeping the bag sealed.