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The *Big Legend* Spa Chemical Kit

This big legend chemical pack will last you ages! Get all the essentials to keep your hot tub safe and clean for a fantastic all-in-one price.

The kit is full of the basics and will last you ages, so do not miss out on this bargain.

This pack includes:

  • Chlorine Granules 5kg (To keep your water disinfected)

  • PH Plus 1kg & PH Minus 1kg - (Balance your water)

  • 10 x Fusion shock sachets (Clear your hot tub when it is dirty)

  • 2 x Aquachek Chlorine Test Strips (Test your water to check it is safe)

  • Cartridge Cleaner (Clean your hot tub filters)

  • ScaleAway (Keep your hot tub scale free)

  • FoamAway (Get rid of foam and scum on the water surface)