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“Pooltesters” are test devices which operate with the help visual comparisons. The water that is to be measured is placed into the tester, rapidly dissolving (RAPID) reagent tablets are added, and the water changes colour. The value is determined by comparing the coloured test water with the scale in the margin. The finer the scale, the easier it is to classify the test results. Pool-i.d. Pooltesters distinguish themselves through their very finely graduated colour scales.

Great for testing hot tub or swimming pool water.

The Ideal Levels For a Pool are 7.2-7.8 for the ph and 1-3ppm for chlorine and 7.2-7.8 for a spa ph and 3-5ppm for chlorine

The Pooltester “pH/Chlorine/Bromine” has 16 comparison colours to identify chlorine. Chlorine and bromine are detected with the aid of DPD No 1 tablets, both using the same comparative-colour-scale. Pool-i.d. Pooltesters come with 40 tablets per test parameter. 20 x Phenol Red PH testing tablets and 20 x DPD number 1 chlorine testing tablets.


  • Shelf Life of 10 years after date of production.

  • Broad comparison scales to make testing easy!

  • Comes with colour comparison tester, 20 x Phenol Red tablets and 20 x DPD Number 1 tablets, as well as clear instructions