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Sundance Spa Filter - PSD85-2002

PSD85-2002 Sundance Hot Tub Filter

Equivalent To :

Pleatco - PSD85-2002
Unicel - C-8380
Filbur - FC2810
Blue Devil - N/A
Great Barrier - 8598
Sundance Part No. - 6540-501

Spa make/models that this filter fits...

Sundance Spas -

Sundance Microclean filters.

Sundace 850 Series.

Sundance 780 Series.

Measurements :

Top Diameter :  8 1/2'' (216mm)
Length : 14'' (356mm)
Top Hole : Tapered (64mm)
Bottom Hole: SAE Closed (51mm)
Media (Sq. Feet) : 85
Please Ensure this filter is correct by checking the measurements or contact us for more help.

Why Pleatco Filters ?

  • Free Flow Cores  - Allow easy flow of water through the filter, increasing filtration and reducing flow problems.
  • Anti-Microbial Crack Resistant End Caps - Highest resistance to chlorine in the industry !
  • QUALITY MATTERS - DEMAND PLEATCO FILTERS. Save Energy. Save the Environment. Save Money.

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