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Submersible Pump with 25 metres of lay flat hose

Plastic body submersible water pump with 10m Electric Cable, Complete with float switch.

Empties about 5500 litres per hour.  Can be submerged to 4 metres.  Will pump water up to 6 metres above pump position.

This is a great pump and will empty most hot tubs and spas in about ten minutes.

The pump comes with a screw in nipple to connect to lay flat hose and comes with 25 metres of lay flat hose (and jubilee clip).


  • 250 watt
  • 50Hz./230-240v
  • Pumps 83.3L/H (5000 Litres Per Hour!)
  • Comes with screw-in nipple
  • IPX8 protection (The IP  scale measures the degree of water protection provided from  IPX1 to IPX8.  The highest level is IPX8 which means the equipment is suitable for continious immersion)
  • Submerge as low as 6m

FAQ's regarding this product....

Where do I place the pump for draining?
- Simply drop into your hot tub foot well and let the pump do the work.

How long does it take to drain the spa?
- Depending on the hot tub size, it should take 10-20 minutes to drain.


Excellent service, well packaged and delivered as promised. I will definitely be using Happy Hot Tubs for my next purchase! ...

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