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Starburst Hot Tub LED Light

Do you want to make your spa or hot tub extra COOL?!

Change out that old, boring light bulb for a Starburst(tm) LED Light. If you've got a pool or spa & want to turn it into a "psychedelic" experience, the Starburst Color Changing System lets it happen. Touch the light button and make your spa or hot tub water dance with reds, blues, greens, opals, violet and gold! Or let the subdued tones gradually change from one hue to the next.

Enjoy the your very own light show in or out of the water.

The Starburst features:

  • Starburst bulbs consume only about 1/10 the electricity! WOW save money !
  • Just clips in & out of virtually any existing 12v Wedge light bulb socket found on most spas
  • 28 LED's.
  • Operates from your existing ON/OFF light switch.
  • 100,000 hour bulb life.

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