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Spaform Oval Hot Tub Headrest/Pillow x4

4 x Spaform Oval Headrest    


This is the most common style of headrest used by Spaform . This replaces the older black headrest and the grey one, this new headrest is of much higher quality and is very water resistant, as well as being more resistant to Chlorine & Bromine.

This headrest measures roughly 295mm (L) x 110mm (W) and the distance between the securing lugs is 152mm. Contains plastic plug-in lugs to fix to existing Spaform spa.

The picture colour is not accurate, the Spaform Hot Tub Pillows are grey.

NOTE: Leave the cover off your spa for 10 mins after you have shocked it to preserve your pillows and cover.,

Our original Spaform headrests were 12 years old and in a sorry state. These replacements look very smart and fit ...

Rated by Paul Buckwell