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Spa Waterline Cleaning Paste

This waterline cleaning paste is a highly effective cleaning paste used to clean body oils, fats and greases that form tide marks around waterlines.

Waterline cleaning paste can be used on concrete, tiled, fiberglass and vinyl liner pool surfaces.

FAQs regarding this product...

Does the hot tub need to be empty to apply the paste?
No, however the waterline cleaning paste may unbalance water chemistry, so an empty spa is preferable.

Why is a waterline caused?
This is because your PH is unbalanced or because excessive oils and soaps are being entered into the spa.

Very good product gets any scum or black marks off without much effort. Very pleased with the product. ...

Rated by Amanda Prior

Been using white vinegar and lemon for years - no longer - instantly clean ...

Rated by paul procter

Ths cleaner is excellent! Not only do we use it for the water line in our hot tub but my ...

Rated by Nick Buckley

Always give the tub a rub over with this between water changes. Delivered promptly as usual. ...

Rated by Ken Woodley