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Spa Ozone Detection Kit

The purpose of this kit is to detect if there is Ozone present in the output stream from the Ozone Generator
(Ozonator) to your Spa.  The extent to which the blue indicator material in the glass tube ‘bleaches’ to white, will
give you a good indication if your unit is producing an effective level of Ozone. This kit is intended as a
qualitative guideline for the presence of Ozone and does not quantify the amount of Ozone present.  When Ozone,
from the Ozonator on your Spa, bleaches the blue indicator material to white, in 30 seconds or less, the unit
is making enough Ozone.  If it does not, it is time to put in a new Ozone generator.  

A ‘bleached-out’ Ozone detection tube cannot be reused, while an unbleached one can be reused.

Whats In The Box
A glass Ozone Detection Tube with blue indicator material; 5 ¾” of small (1/4” O.D.) clear plastic
tubing; and, 5 ¾” of larger (1/4” I.D.) clear plastic tubing.
Items Required are:
A pair of pliers; and a knife or scissors.

Test Procedure

1. Get Ready to Test - This step will take a lot of DIY as you will need to take part of your Spa apart (See diagram)
2. Do the Test
3. Reading the Test Results

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