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O Care

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The O-Care Service Plan O-Care is a new water treatment. One pack lasts you 2-5 months, so you can sign up to an automated payments scheduled and we will automatically ship your O-Care, for easy and efficient Spa Care.

O-Care spa products - ECO friendly and Safe

The best solution for natural spa water. Safe, soft and simple.

O-Care removes and prevents biofilm and constantly cleans your spa meaning you need less chemicals and it protects your spa components. It's made up of a mixture of high quality minerals so it makes your spa water more natural and it will leave your skin soft and odourless.

Safe - Using O-Care can reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine used by 78%. Sanitizers can sometimes irritate eyes, ears and skin so reducing the chemicals on your spa makes it safer to use for those with sensitive skin and children who love to go underwater.

Soft - The mixture of high quality salts will leave your skin feeling soft and odourless so you will not need to shower after bathing.

Simple - Just add 2 compounds to the spa water once a week using the measuring cup included.

Removes biofilm
Reduces the amount of chemicals needed
Provides soft and odourless water
Makes your skin soft
Less wear and tear on heaters, pumps, filters, pillows, blowers, ozonators and pipes
Easy water balancing

O-Care Weekly Spa Care contains the following:
2L bottle 1 component
2L bottle 2 component
Measuring cup
User manual
Dosing Sheet


  • Join the O-care plan, and we will double the warranty on your pumps (extended warranty only valid for new customers that purchased their new Spa from Happy Hot Tubs. Please see T&C's.

  • Automatically receive scheduled O-Care Products, according to the frequency which is needed for my model of hot tub

  • Discount of £5 every delivery (on average this saves a customer £ 20 per year)

  • Free delivery (never be out of O-Care and save time and money)

Contains approximately 3 month's supply (depending on size of hot tub).

It is recommend you use a pipe cleaner like Swirl Away prior to start using O-Care. O-Care is not suitable for use with softened water.

O-Care Weekly Spa Care Annual Plan

O-Care Plan - If you'd like the convenience of knowing your O-Care will arrive promptly before you run out, then this Service Plan could be ideal for you. Simply call 02380 812769 or fill in your information below to register on the O-Care Plan and we will ship your O-Care to you on an automated basis. Automated payments can be arranged on most credit and debit cards.

Terms & Conditions

1. For customers who sign up a payment of £74.90 (Normally £79.90) will be taken by credit or debit card on the frequency which is needed for the model of hot tub.

2. You may choose to cancel your O-Care Plan at any time by contacting our office.

3. Your shipment will be made within 2 working days of your payment being processed.

4. The extended pump warranty is only available for new hot tubs purchased from Happy Hot Tubs which are on the O-Care plan

5. The extended warranty is only valid whilst the plan is active, and if the plan is cancelled the warranty is immediately invalidated.

6. We can accept most credit/debit cards. However we are unable to accept American Express.

7. O-Care is not a substitute for a sanitiser so a suitable sanitiser must still be used


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