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Scum Bug

Absorbs oils and lotions, thereby reducing foaming and prolongs filter life. 300% more surface area then the "ball" and cant get clogged in the water lines. When one side is scummy, flip over and use the other side!

When Scumbug is dirty, Clean when saturated, squeeze out, clean and reuse! Also assists in removing scum in your hot tub and swimming pool. Improves filtration and removes the formation of a scumline in your swimming pool or hot tub.

Simply float in the spa or in the swimming pool skimmer, and let the scum bug do all the work for you!

FAQs regarding this product...

How do I clean the scum bug?
Simply rinse thoroughly through and leave to dry before placing back in the spa.

My Spa is very foamy, will the scum bug eliminate this? No, The scum bug will remove some oils and thereby foaming, but excessive foaming will require some 'No Foam, available in our shop.

Love this thing - floats around collecting any scummy stuff. Works really well and doesn't get in the way at ...

Rated by Michele Crumb

Quick delivery and works well floating around in the tub collecting any particles on the surface. Due to its shape ...

Rated by Adrian Strachan

Superfast delivery as usual! The ‘scum bug’ floats away in the spa doing its job quite happily. It prevents the ...

Rated by Nick Buckley

brilliant - I bought 2 and have not had a problem with scum since ...

Rated by Raymond Brown