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Pretty Pink Pool Noodle

Single Pretty Pink Pool Noodle 

Solid foam floatation noodle. Good strength and flexibility. High quality brand new swimming pool noodle. Great for use as a swimming aid, although this should not be used a lifesaving device. Perfect for beginners in the water, practicing both kicking and swimming styles using the noodle to keep afloat and aqua aerobics. Children should be supervised at all times. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Available in the following colours:

Multi pack containing all 5 colours is also available by clicking here.
This noodle is a "Happy Pool Noodle"! Don't settle for cheap, unhappy alternatives!
The noodle measures approximately 1500mm long and 630mm diameter. Please note sizes vary due to the manufacturing process so measurements are approximate and may vary.
Your noodle will arrive curled into a bag, but it will straighten out on its own in warm water or sunlight.