NEW SPAS & HOT TUBS: Terms & Conditions of Sale                   CLICK TO OPEN THIS AS A PDF TO PRINT

1. General
These Terms and Conditions apply to the sale between Hot Tub Care Ltd (Us, We) and the Customer (You), and shall apply unless agreed by Us in writing. This agreement concerns the sale of goods for private domestic use only, and shall not extend to commercial usage. Commercial usage of a tub will invalidate your warranty.

If any cause outside of our control makes it impractical for us to complete the order, we reserve the right to refund all monies paid, without any other form of compensation.

2. Prices
The agreed price shall be shown on the sales order form issued by US, and signed by You. VAT is included in the price unless specified otherwise. Delivery is not included in the price unless written on the sales order.

3. Payment
All standard orders require deposit at time of sale. The deposit shall be 10% of order value or £500, whichever is greater. The deposit is fully refundable for a period of 7 days from the date of order, after which time the deposit shall be non-refundable. Orders only become valid when the deposit has been received and funds cleared.

Non-standard orders have the same deposit requirements as standard orders, but the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance must be paid 5 working days prior to delivery/collection (cleared funds). If payment is made by cheque, then the cheque should arrive with US no later than 7 working days before delivery to allow funds to clear. Where the balance is not paid according to these conditions, we shall be entitled to retain the deposit and offset any costs incurred as a result of the breach.
Please note we will accept AMEX cards, but a 5% surcharge will be applicable to every transaction to cover our additional costs.

4. Pre-delivery Requirements
A “Pre-delivery Requirements” pamphlet is supplied with your order confirmation letter, and You are responsible for reading this document and adhering to the guidelines if you wish Us to deliver. We shall not be responsible for any loss, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from failure to do so.

The requirements include, but are not limited to:

Use a professional N.I.C.E.I.C and Part P registered electrician to install a suitable electrical supply. This is a legal requirement.

Ensure in the event of the tub or it’s supply line going to earth, only the electrical supply to the spa trips, leaving the rest of your residence unaffected. You must ensure that computers and other electrical appliances which store data or are affected by disruption of electrical supply are not affected by the tripping of your spa supply.

Use the correct size fuse, a 30 milliamp ELCB/RCD and the correct size and length of cable to suit the tub. You should test the ELCB/RCD daily.

There must be easy level access over a hard surface from our delivery vehicle to the desired location of the tub. You must also ensure there is adequate width and height, as well as no difficult corners to ensure the tub can be transported on a trolley.

All tubs must be placed on a waterproof load-bearing surface. We will position the tub as instructed by you, but reserve the right to refuse to position in a specific location should it compromise the health and safety of our staff/and or require heavy lifting. Positioning your tub indoors is at your own risk, and you must ensure precautions are made for leaks and access for maintenance. The tub should only be located on waterproof flooring, with adequate drainage. You have the responsibility to ensure that provisions are made for dealing with leaks, and limiting the risk of damage. Please note hot tubs are free standing units and are not designed to be built into premises.

A suitable drainage area should be nearby. Tubs can be drained slowly via the inbuilt gravity drain, or emptied much quicker using a submersible pump.
Any fixings around the tub must be removable for complete access to all sides. We will not be responsible for removing a tub which is recessed into decking or placed indoors, should we require access for repairs or replacements. You should note that all dimensions are approximate due to variations in bespoke manufacture.

A suitable water supply should be nearby to allow Us to fill the tub.

5. Representation and Referrals
Whilst we will use our best endeavours to give helpful advice and guidance to enable you to make an informed choice, such advice will be limited to generalities and we cannot be liable for specific circumstances relating to your premises, intended use or otherwise. Referrals including the details of contractors who may be able to carry out certain work or vendors of related equipment, are given as a matter of professional courtesy only, and we cannot be responsible for the conduct or service provided by such contractors or third parties.

6. Specifications
If the manufacturer adopts any changes in construction or design of the goods to be supplied under this agreement, you shall accept the goods so changed, in performance of the contract provided any such changes do not materially alter the functions or characteristics of the goods.

7. Delivery
Any time or date for delivery is an estimate only, and it is not the essence of contract and if the delivery is delayed for whatever reason, under no circumstances can compensation be considered or paid.

If We agree to deliver, and on attending your site We are unable to effect delivery due to You being unprepared, a return visit will incur a charge.

8. Operation and Maintenance
Neither We nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for any adverse consequences to the goods, property or persons arising from your failure to comply to manufacturer’s operating and/or maintenance instructions. You must not alter or change any parts in relation to your tub.

9. Acceptance
You will be deemed to have accepted the goods unless You provide Us written notification of a defect by post, facsimile or email within 48 hours of delivery. If upon inspection, We find the complaint is justified, we shall at our own option either repair or replace the defective part(s) free of charge within a reasonable time period. We shall not be liable for any form of loss or compensation in such an event. This does not affect your statutory rights.

10. Warranty Claims
All claims under the manufacturers’ warranty should be directed to Us by quoting your order number, delivery date and model name as it appears on the delivery note. Please refer to our warranty documentation for further information on warranty periods.

11. Gazebos/Rooms/Enclosures
We reserve the right to deliver gazebos/rooms/enclosures with your spa or as a separate delivery. If you wish Us to erect your gazebo/room/enclosure then this will be an extra charge which will be itemised on your sales order. In this instance We require a flat level base, suitable to hold the weight of the gazebo/room/enclosure. The base should be large enough to accommodate any overhang on the roof, and you should add an extra 450mm each side to allow for variation and drips from the roof. It is your responsibility to obtain any local building consents and/or requirements.

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights.