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Lay-Z-Spa Chlorine Maintenance Pack

This kit contains all you need to maintain your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa and ensure water stays clean. Simply use the chlorine to sanitise the spa water (i.e. prevent it from going green and making it safe), Test the water using the Aquachek test strips, adding extra chlorine where necessary. Ensure filters are always clean and replace with a new one if it is damaged and preventing flow. Use the fragrance to maximise your spa experience.

No PH balancers are included in this pack, for PH chemicals, see the PH balancers section in our shop, it is important to keep a good PH in the long term to prevent scale issues.

The Kit Contains :

1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules - Instant disinfectant for daily use to kill and prevent bacteria.

50 x Aquachek Test Strips - A quick and easy way to test pool water. The worlds best Test Strip brand.

2 x Replacement Filters for Lay-Z-Spa - Ensure that your filters are always fresh to keep water clean and prevent flow issues.

1 x Random Spazzaz 22oz. Crystal Fragrance  - Add to your lay-z-spa experience with one of these great fragrances.

FAQ's regarding this product...

How long will this last me ?
Obviously it depends on usage, however this should last over 3 months, depending on hot tub usage.

Are the items in this pack available individually in your shop ?
Yes, simply search the item names in our search bar.

Excellent bundle of goodies for my Lay Z Spa and the aromatic crystals are an added bonus! ...

Rated by Mark Ferda

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