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Kleen Pool Algaecide

The Original Long-Life Algaecide. One of the leading brands of copper based algaecide for the control of algae.

KleenPool Algaecide can be used for winterising your outdoor swimming pool or in summer to prevent algae.

Kleen Pool will maintain your pool free of most algae for periods up to 6 months. One simple application of Kleen Pool Longlife Algaecide will free you from the problems caused by algae blooms, discolouration and hazes which can affect the appearance of your pool. When your pool is not being used for swimming, such as holiday times and throughout the winter, Kleen Pool will keep your pool clear and free of most algae without the use of other pool chemicals.

1 Litre of Kleen Pool treats 20,000 litres.

This is a 1 litre bottle.

Easy to use just measure and pour in and let it do it's job ...

Rated by Daniel Briscoe