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Pre-Delivery Information Guide for portable Spa Range

Hot Tubs Delivery and moving - Hampshire, Dorset..

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Pre-Delivery Guidelines - What does Delivery Include?

If you have purchased our Delivery and Commissioning Service, then your Hot Tub will be both delivered and set up on the same day, by a team of 2 men. The installation team will position the hot tub (unless it is being craned into place), fill it with water and plug in your socket.

The installers will be available to demonstrate the full operation and use of the tub, and explain the routine maintenance including chemical treatment and tips to help you enjoy your Hot Tub experience. We always do this at time of delivery.

We are available 7 days a week on our advice line 02380 812769 to help with any problems.

If you cannot be available at the time of delivery then please call into one of our showrooms or consult your owner manuals for instructions for use. The installation team will start your chemical treatment by balancing your pH level, and adding a starter dose of sanitiser.

You will be provided with a Hot Tub Care Guide on delivery, which provides full details on how to maintain satisfactory water quality. It is very important you read this guide thoroughly so you understand how to keep your water safe and clean. Your new hot tub will be arriving shortly, and there are a number of factors and requirements that you should be aware of prior to delivery.

The following guidelines should be read thoroughly to ensure your hot tub delivery goes smoothly.


1. Delivery Vehicle

The hot tub will be delivered on a spa dolly or suitable vehicle. The maximum length of the vehicle is 6.3m, and maximum height 2.5m. Please ensure there is suitable space for the vehicle to park on, or next to your premises.


2. Site Access

There must be a clear level access route over hard ground, from the delivery vehicle to the desired location of the tub. Soft ground and/or one of two small steps can be overcome with a ramp. If you are unable to provide a ramp then please inform our office, and we can instruct your delivery team to bring a board to your delivery. Steep inclines or more than one of two small steps may prevent delivery via trolley, so you may have to consider booking a crane, or ask your salesman for a site visit prior to delivery. (Please see crane section for further details).

The tub arrives as a complete unit, and cannot be dismantled. It is moved on a trolley, and wheeled into position. The tub is positioned upright on the trolley, so the tub length becomes the height, and the tub height becomes the width. You must ensure you measure your access route to ensure adequate width, height and turning space for the tub and trolley. A diagram of the trolley is shown below:


You should consider the following points when looking at your access:

i. Is the ground sufficiently firm to support the weight of the tub and trolley?

ii. Are there any drain covers or drain pipes which will obstruct the route?

iii. Are there any inclines, or steps which could prevent access?

iv. Is there adequate width on the access route? Look out for tight corners restricted by walls, heater flues, taps, fences, posts or other structures which will cause a narrowing of the route?

v. Is there adequate height on the access route? Look out for eaves, water gutters or tree branches encroaching on height?

vi. Make sure there are no walls which the tub needs to go over, as we cannot lift a tub over a wall under any circumstances.

vii. Can any obstructions be moved, eg, fence panels, gates?

viii. If access is not available through your property, will a neighbour grant access via their property?

Please consult the your brochure or the Hot Tub web site for specification table of tubs.

NB. Measurements shown are approximate, due to variations in bespoke manufacture. Please remember to add the trolley dimensions to these measurements where necessary. If you are unable to provide a clear level access, then you will have to arrange a crane lift. (Please see crane section for more details).

Please contact the office if you are unsure about your base 02380 812769


3. Positioning and Base:

The hot tub needs to be positioned on a flat, level, free draining base suitable to hold the weight of the hot tub (filled and with bathers). An uneven base will cause the unit to flex and may cause irreparable damage which will not be covered under the warranty. Where it is intended to install the spa on a concrete base it should be constructed to a minimum of 4 inches/102mm, and may need to be reinforced depending on the local ground substrate. If in doubt consult a local builder, contractor or surveyor for advice and information on the construction required. Your tub may also be placed onto paving slabs or decorative paviors providing they have been laid on a sub base suitable to support the weight of the tub.

A good rule to follow is on new-build properties, the ground will need a good base as it is likely to move. Older properties were the land is very settled will need less base work. Ours tubs can also be installed on wooden decking, however deck construction should be designed or adapted to ensure it is capable of supporting the filled and occupied weight of the tub.

Hot Tubs should never be located on flooring that can be damaged by water being trapped under the tub, splashed over the tub or leaking from the tub. If the hot tub is being position over a basement or on a suspended floor - then you should seek the advice of a structural engineer as regards to the weight loading, and also take into consideration the situation in case of flooding.

If the spa is in any location where a leak will cause damage then it must be placed in a bund tank or tray that will be able to contain any leak, in flow and volume, and be plumbed to a suitable drainage. This is especially so where there are floors below the tub location or if the spa is in a basement.

We may require access to all sides of the spa for servicing, so it is advisable to leave at least 1m clearance around the unit. If you are unable to allow clearance all around the unit then you may just leave access to the side housing the equipment. However if we ever need to gain access to the other side’s then it is your responsibility to move the tub into a suitable position prior to an engineer visit.

You should consider that you will need room to take the cover on and off, and extra room if you wish to fit a cover mate. Ring the office to check coverlifter clearance on your model. You also need to be able to remove the filters without difficulty.

The natural location for the Astro Spas range of Hot Tubs is on the ground, and we do not recommend this type of tub is sunk into the ground or decking (if you are interested in an in ground tub, then please ask for details on this range). If you do decide to sink your tub, then please be aware that you must either fit a service hatch with adequate room for an engineer to access all sides of the tub, or you must be prepared to remove the spa from ground at your own cost if it ever requires servicing.

Positioning a hot tub indoors is at your own risk, and you must ensure precautions are made for leaks, access for maintenance and ventilation. The tub must be on waterproof flooring, with adequate drainage. Please note tubs are freestanding units and are not designed to be built into premises.


4. Electrical Supply

The provision of an electrical supply to the intended location of the tub is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The electrical installation must be under taken by a qualified electrician and confirm to IEE regulations current edition.

From January 2005 the installation of new electrical circuits in dwellings came under Building Regulations known as Approved Document P- Electrical Safety, which is now a legal requirement. Under the new requirements the installation of an electrical supply must either be submitted for Building Regulation approval or Self Certified by a suitably qualified electrician.

We will supply the tub with approximately 2 metres of Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) cable, terminated with an IP67 32A or 16A plug.

Your electrician needs to adhere to the following:

i. The cable should run to the spa location, where there should be 4 metres of extra cable terminated with an IP67 32A socket. (The socket is included in the tub price, and will be supplied to you either by the sales person at time of sale, or posted to you soon after.)

ii. The cable size and rating should be determined by a qualified electrician depending on the length of the cable run and location. The cable must be 3 core (Twin and Earth) to suit the connection to the supplied socket. It is also advisable to use SWA cable where the cable is run externally.

iii. Do not bring the cable up under the spa as all models sit flat on the ground, instead bring up to the side where the spa will sit.

class="maintext"iv. There must be a dedicated single-phase circuit; with ampage to suit your Spa (see model specification table).

v. The minimum voltage at the site of installation should be 220V and the maximum should be no more than 240V. Voltage drop must be avoided.

vi. The electrical circuit must be protected with an RCD rated at 30mA and sized for the tub load, check with your electrician.

vii. The electrical supply must be installed such that if either fuse, MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) or RCD trips this will in no way affect the rest of the home, ie. disconnecting electrical supply to freezers, computers etc. NOTE: Keep Hot Tub on Separate supply.

We also recommend you put in place a local means of isolation in the form of a waterproof switch. This will make servicing much easier in the future, as an engineer will not require access to your house. Under IEE Regulations for the electrical installation isolators, electrical outlets and equipment must be placed at least 2 metres away from the tub. The electrical supply should be installed via a fused spur protected by a suitably rated RCD.

Our hot tub installation teams are not electrical contractors and can only connect the tub to a professionally installed electrical supply, that has been tested and certified by a qualified electrician to the latest regulations.


5. Water Supply

A suitable water supply must be available to fill the hot tub. Please put your Hose pipe in the garage in the winter so it is not frozen when we go to use it. A normal size Hot Tub can take 3 hours to fill with a hose pipe, so make sure you allow enough time.


Delivery Date

Please contact the office so we deliver your Hot Tub on a convenient date for you.


Delivery Time

If you wish to know an approximate delivery time then please call the office either the day before delivery, or on the day of delivery for an accurate delivery time. We are also able to issue you the mobile number of your drivers on the day of delivery so you can keep in touch.

Crane Lifts

If you are unable to provide suitable access, then you will need to book a crane to lift the tub into position. It is your responsibility to organise and pay for the crane, but as we have done this for many years we can recommend crane companies and help you organise this.

Crane lifts are included on some of our Swimspa deals please contact your salesman..

We will make every effort to co-ordinate a delivery time which is agreeable to your crane. company. We always prioritise crane deliveries, and know they need exact delivery times, where possible, to minimise the possibility of delays. However factors outside our control such as traffic could make us late, and we will not pay compensation if this occurs. Do stress to the crane company that they may have to wait if we are delayed in traffic and ensure your arrangement does not involve punitive waiting rates.

Most mobile crane companies are familiar with lifting hot tubs, and will advise you of their requirements (if any). If they require the tub to be delivered on a pallet, then please inform us in advance so we can arrange this.

And Finally…

If you are unsure about your access or anything mentioned in this guide, please contact us for advice. Failure to comply with our requirements could result in disappointment if we are unable to set up your spa as planned.



For More Information: ring 02380 812769 or email admin@happyhottubs.co.uk

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