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The Poncho Gown is not just a towel, it's also a moblie changing room!

The Poncho Gown is a towel and changing poncho in one and is perfect for getting in and out of your hot tub, swimming or for when you are at the beach.

This hooded Poncho Towel pulls on over your head and you can then remove your swimming gear underneath whilst preserving your modesty in public! Wide sleeves enable you to move freely or you can remove your arms from the sleeves to adjust yourself underneath the towel. Ideal for changing indoors or outdoors in spring and summer.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, soft quick-dry material.
  • Hooded design
  • Kangaroo pocket on the front
  • Hot Spring Spa Logo on the front (The world's number 1 hot tub manufacturer)
  • 85 % Polyester, 15% Polyamide

The Size

  • Adult One Size Fits All - 89cm x 108cm but will fit older children/teens and sit baggy. 

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