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Hot Spring Freshwater Silver Ion Cartridge Sanitizer

Freshwater Continuos Silver Ion Sanitizer

Hot Spring Spas Freshwater AG+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitisers will give you brilliantly clear, odour free spa water by releasing a steady supply of silver ions that inhibits growth of bacteria. Other benefits of the Freshwater AG+ Continuous Silver Ion Sanitizer cartridge are: Reduces potential for unpleasant odour and scum lines - enhanced bather comfort.

Installs in seconds - right into your spa filter. Relax while it consistently and conveniently sanitises your water. Change your silver ion cartridges every four months. This silver ion cartridge will work in all hot tubs and will allow your spa to tick over without using excess chlorine.

The Sanitizer comes in two parts, the main body and handle.

For see how to fit your silver ion please view our useful video below:

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