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2 x Spa Surface Cleaner 1ltr 

Product Information 

Around the waterline and spa shell deposits of debris, oil and greases can accumulate providing the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and making the hot tub uninviting. 

Surface Cleaner removes oils and greases improving the appearance of the hot tub and eliminating hidden microbes. 

The perfect product to use at every water change, to clean the spa shell before re-filling.


FAQ's regarding this product.... 

Can i use this whilst my hot tub is full? - Yes,however it is better empty,as the product is more effective to soak into the surface debris. 

How should i apply the cleaner? - Simply,apply using a cloth,leave it to soak into the debris,then hose off or wipe down. 

Will this work on my pool surface? - No,it is specifically made for cleaning spa acrylic,see our shop for pool cleaning products. 

My spa surface is rough and scaley,will this remove it? - Yes,However if your spa if full,you could use no scale to remove the deposit,see our shop.

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