Happy Hot Tubs - the best for your hot tub

Happy Sparkle will make your water clearer and brighter by collecting any small particles together in the filter(s).

Used to add lustre and clarity to spa your water.

Will work on all cartridge filters

Save money and buy 5 litres


Is this all i need to keep my spa clean ? - No, You will require a sanitiser (chlorine/bromine) to keep your spa free of bacteria, this product simply adds clarity to water.

Will this product affect my chlorine/bromine level ? - No, It is a neutral chemical, so your chlorine/bromine level will be unaffected.

Will this work in my pool ? - No, This product is designed more for hot tubs, please see our shop for pool clarifiers.

My Spa is Green/Cloudy, Will this clear the water ? - No, This product is only for adding clarity, you would need a shock treatment, please see our shop.

Direction For Use

Pour directly into your hot tub with all pumps on for 5 minutes. Then leave your hot tub water filtering with only the circulation pump on which will allow the particles to collect in the filter.

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Great product at a reasonable price. Delivered next day ...

Rated by Andy Smith

Good service and excellent timing. Arrived on time and will use again ...

Rated by Lewis McDonald

Water was slightly cloudy but this product did the trick and brought back the sparkle! ...

Rated by Leslie Madell

quick delivery used it this morning and water looks great tonight it looks revived and inviting will buy again ...

Rated by john crawford