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Does what it says it should - brings the clarity back to your water. An essential chemical for your spa.

Rated by John Cripps

On a water meter and at least once a week you have a few random kids in the Tub?.....this product is a must have! I am fairly new to Hot Tub life and have been really struggling with my water quality, all my levels were perfect but the water was still cloudy..... What's going on? Then I made the best discovery I could hope for "Happy Spa Sparkle". It does exactly as it claims. It stars work immediately, the small particles in the water begin to clump together. Get the filter and bubbles going then just pour in recommended dose of Happy Spa Sparkle. If you have foam when you turn the bubbles on (this is caused by the same water contaminants that are causing the cloudy water) it is a bonus in this process. You can save on filter usage by being ready with a large net or skimmer. The debris will come to the surface with the foam which you can scoop away and discard. Once the majority has gone (5 - 10 mins) turn the bubbles and filter off (marvel at the already clear water). Leave the water to settle then syphon/vacuum away the debris on the bottom of the Tub, clean the filter, turn the filter back on and away you go. The whole process takes 20 to 30 minutes to have basically perfect brand new, sparkly clear water. I am blown away by how efficient this product is and I look forward to trying all of Happy Hot Tubs other products in due course. Must have product, FREE and fast delivery, who could ask for more.....Happy Hot Tubbing!!

Rated by Spencer Gent

Second purchase of this product does what it says it does.

Rated by Daniel Briscoe

Yet to use product but delivery was fast and free. Much cheaper than similar products on Amazon.

Rated by Ryan Cooper

A great product! It really makes the water ‘sparkle’ . As always delivered extremely quickly in the ‘Happy Hot Tub’ way

Rated by Nick Buckley

Excellent. Clears the water by coagulating fine particles together. Either scoop out with a fine net or let the filter doit! The tub needs to be run for a full hour though!

Rated by Peter Baglow
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