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Happy Sparkle is used to add lustre and clarity to spa water.

Ideal for use with cartridge filter pumps as on most above ground pools and spas.

Cloudy water is caused by non filterable waste particles that are too small for the filter to remove. Spa Sparkle combines together fine particles of dust in your water making the particles bigger and easier for the filter to trap, resulting in clear water.


Is this all i need to keep my spa clean ? - No, You will require a sanitiser (chlorine/bromine) to keep your spa free of bacteria, this product simply adds clarity to water.

Will this product affect my chlorine/bromine level ? - No, It is a neutral chemical, so your chlorine/bromine level will be unaffected.

Will this work in my pool ? No, This product is designed more for hot tubs, please see our shop for pool clarifiers.

My Spa is Green/Cloudy, Will this clear the water ? - No, This product is only for adding clarity, you would need a shock treatment, please see our shop.


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Does what it says it should - brings the clarity back to your water. An essential chemical for your spa. ...

Rated by John Cripps

Genuinely made the water look clearer! I wasn’t sure about this product but it does actually make the water look ...

Rated by nicholas Moore

Amazing product, only need to use 25ml once a week in our 4 Man 1000ltr hot tub. Very quick and professional ...

Rated by philippe williams

Brilliant product a must for your hot tub am well impressed with what it done to water in tub ...

Rated by William O neil