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At Happy Hot Tubs you can Try Before You Buy with a Wet Test!

Don't choose a Hot Tub based on how it looks - it's how it makes you Feel!

In the comfort of our showrooms - you can hide away from the world in one of our luxury HotSpring hot tubs! Choosing a hot tub is a big decision, and we wanted to make it easier for you - and more fun!

Up to 4 people may try our hot tub experience together - allowing for the whole family to test all the seats. Make the most of either the gentle water-feature or much more powerful turbo jets which pummel your shoulders! Learn about the control systems and self-cleaning on-board our models. Our unique trials allow you to make the most considered choice about your spa purchase.

Take all the time you need to try our Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, then speak to our sales team on site for pressure-free information, prices and any offers we currently have available. Of course we also provide expert advice, spa maintenance services, hot tub repair and delivery of your new hot tub too.

Our experienced, professional and friendly local staff are on hand to fire any questions at that you are bound to have about buying the right hot tub for you and your home or garden, family, lifestyle, health and budget. Also: how to maintain your hot tub; we are the experts and love sharing our well-honed advice. You can also consider modifying the number of jets in many of the spas and swim spas to truly customise for your own perfect spa.

Call us NOW on 02380 812 769 to book your WET TEST

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