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  • 1976

    Simon Hallett - HHT founder - starts in the boat-building industry at Kemp's shipyard, Southampton.
  • 1979

    Move to Vosper Thornycroft to spray Fibreglass on mine sweepers for the Navy.
  • hot_tub


    Simon joins Spaform and builds his first hot tub - The Hallett family first start to see the benefits of Hot Tubs!
  • 1988

    Simon's 1st child, James Hallett - now Operations Manager, is born and introduced to Hot-Tubbing early!
  • 1993

    Simon second son Eddie is born into 'Family Hot Tub'
  • 1993

    Simon sets up 'Spa Factory', making hot tubs.
  • hot_tub


    Happy Hot Tubs is born!
  • 2014

    Our 3rd and 4th showrooms open!

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