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Cross Training in a Swim Spa


With such a range of features, from the controllable current to the exercise equipment options, you can dial down on your own fitness workout and regime. Whether you are training as an athelete, or enjoying a healthy lifestyle at home, or even recovering from surgery or living with a disablity or condition: a swim spa Fitness System will genuinely help you in so many ways.



Underwater Treadmill

Water's natural buoyancy gently supports joints to encourage free movement as you work against resistance in all directions. Studies show underwater treadmills are a great alternative to land-based treadmills.

People unable to exercise on land can achieve immediate rehabilitation results in water. You burn as many calories, enjoy an increased range of motion, and suffer less muscle soreness - all without the pounding of land based exercise. Walking training can be done much earlier after surgery using an underwater treadmill at low speeds - allowing patients to get back to their normal living earlier. Underwater treadmills are also beneficial for people with arthritis and other disorders of the weight-bearing joints; muscular dystrophy; muscle atrophy and injury to the lower extremities.

Use the variable speeds of the treadmill to vary the intensity of your walk or jog. By adjusting the speed of the treadmill you can create individually tailored workouts to take your fitness to the next level.

Our new Aquatic Treadmills offer a spacious 20" wide belt for walking or running. Both manual and hydraulically powered versions are available. The hydraulic treadmill is easy to install and is powered by a 5 hp motor and has a top speed of 5.5 mph. A handy remote control turns the treadmill on or off and allows you to increase or decrease the speed. The manual treadmill is simply placed at the bottom of the pool, no installation is required.

Aquatic Training

Aquatic Therapy is an excellent therapeutic, low-impact activity for people of all ages and abilities. Harnessing the physical properties of water to assist in patient healing and exercise performance, aquatic therapy is ideal for a variety of medical conditions.

Warm water (our pools can be heated up to 90 degrees) assists in relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow to injured areas. Customers who experience muscle spasms, back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia find this aspect of aquatic therapy especially therapeutic.

The buoyancy of water can reduce your body weight up to 90%, resulting in a low-impact, low-stress environment. The natural resistance of water (optionally enhanced with our swim current or jets) will provide you with a challenging workout. With your own pool you'll:

Increase flexibility and strengthen muscles
Alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions
Improve balance and agility
Decrease joint swelling and reduce pain
Enjoy simpler, less stressful exercise

Get back in shape, recover from injury, or soothe and strengthen aching bones in a safe, versatile, inviting pool just steps away in your own home.

Explore our complete line of therapy pools, perfect for all budgets and locations. Imagine your own personal pool set to the temperature you desireā€”a respite from pain and stiffness.
Help Your Heart : Swimming is an unparalleled cardiovascular form of exercise.

Train without damage : Training in water, both swimming or on the treadmill, has no impact.

Core Strength : Swimming develops core strength, in all of the body's muscle groups.

Weight loss & Toning : Increased balanced and all-over toning can be achieved from regular exercise.

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