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Endless Pools Swim Machine


Powerful Controllable Current: the incredible Endless Pools Swim Machine® delivers a flowing current of upto 7000 gallons per minute!! Read on to learn about the vast difference between the Endless "Current Swim Spas" vs. the more common and far less efficient "Jetted Swim Spas".

"Current Swim Spas"...

"Jetted Swim Spas"...

'American Masters Swimming' says : "Swimming is a rigorous, effective fitness workout—and be fun in the process."
Help Your Heart : Swimming is an unparalleled cardiovascular form of exercise.

Train without damage : Training in water, both swimming or on the treadmill, has no impact.

Core Strength : Swimming develops core strength, in all of the body's muscle groups.

Weight loss & Toning : Increased balanced and all-over toning can be achieved from regular exercise.


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