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The Benefits of Swimming


The luxury of Swimming at Home. Swimming is one of the very best all-round exercises. It uses all of your muscle groups, builds strength and endurance without pressure or impact and therefore no wear and tear.

Swimming exercises your heart, your lungs, improves circulation, tones your muscles, and burns lots of calories. By alternating between walking, running, and swimming in your Endless Pool, you get a full body workout that's refreshing, beneficial for your entire body and extremely enjoyable. Your private pool, always ready and waiting at the correct temperature, and with no need to go to the leisure centre, enables you to build your own swim routine around your day.

Fully-controllable and adjustable Swim Machine Controls allow you to change - at the touch of a button - the intensity of the Swim Spa Fitness System power, changing the water flow passing through. A fully adjustable river-like current.

For over 20 years, IRONMAN® athletes have tested the Endless Pools swim current at races from New York's Lake Placid to New Zealand's Lake Taupo. At the World Championships in Kona, we launched the Elite Endless Pool, featuring our smoothest current with a sub :55/100m top speed.

It is now being used by some of the world's best swim programs and coaches, such as David Marsh, to fine-tune stroke technique. Swimmers of every caliber can benefit from training in the Endless Pool. Our underwater mirrors allow you to see each stroke. Add an underwater treadmill to cross-train with minimal joint impact. It's perfect for muscle recovery, injury rehab, and endurance training.

'American Masters Swimming' says : "Swimming is a rigorous, effective fitness workout—and be fun in the process."
Help Your Heart : Swimming is an unparalleled cardiovascular form of exercise.

Train without damage : Training in water, both swimming or on the treadmill, has no impact.

Core Strength : Swimming develops core strength, in all of the body's muscle groups.

Weight loss & Toning : Increased balanced and all-over toning can be achieved from regular exercise.


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