Happy Hot Tubs - the best for your hot tub

These spa salt crystals (sodium chloride) from HappyHotTubs are high quality and perfect for use with hot tub salt sanitising systems such as the ACE system from Hot Spring Spas or inflatable hot tub salt systems. Adding salt crystals to your spa water enables the ACE salt water sanitising system to automatically generate active oxygen and chlorine to sanitise (clean) your spa water.

  1. Simply balance your spa water according to the ACE (or equivalent) guidelines. 
  2. With jets running slowly add the directed amount of salt into the filter compartment, one cup at a time until correct amount is added. 
  3. Allow jets to run for 5 minutes extra to ensure the salt is fully dissolved. 
  4. Turn off the jets and use either the built in salt reading function on your control panel or saltwater test strips to confirm the correct salt reading.
Water must be above 36 degrees celsius and jets must be off for the system to correctly read salt levels. 
Hot Spring models - dosing amounts:
  • Summit/Vista - 9.5 cups - 2750 grams
  • Grandee - 9.5 cups - 2750 grams
  • Envoy - 8 cups - 2500 grams
  • Aria - 7.5 cups - 2200 grams
  • Vanguard - 7.75 cups - 2250 grams
  • Sovereign - 6.75 cups - 1950 grams
  • Prodigy - 6.25 cups - 1800 grams
  • Jetsetter - 4.0 cups - 1500 grams