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Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

We Set The Standard:

HotSpring Spas has certified all models to the California Energy Commission (CEC) in accordance with California law. With California setting the standard for energy-efficient hot tubs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your spa is designed to keep operating costs low no matter where you live.

HotSpring Spas received the ENVY Award for energy-efficient hot tub design in 2008.

The HotSpring Factory is completely self-sufficient in generating off-grid energy and is able to claim 100% recycling of waste products!
California Energy Efficiency hot tubs
California Energy Efficiency hot tubs



With multiple layers of thermal foam filled insulation, you can reduce your energy consumption and better control your electricity bills with an energy efficient hot tub cover. HotSpring hot tub covers are made by HotSpring, and not a 3rd party manufacturer.

Where HotSpring and HappyHotTubs choose to offer 1st cass quality covers, many of the other hot tub brands sell 3rd-party manufactured hot tub covers, leading to a drop in quality and therefore heat-loss prevention. With a Hotpring hot tub cover: when you lift cover up you can feel the air lock seal pulling against you! This shows that heat-retention working in place.

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