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200 x Bromine Test Strips 

  • One-dip to test 
  • Test strips for Bromine water care. 
  • Test for Bromine Level, Alkalinity and PH level.
  • 50 in each pack

FAQ's regarding this product.... 

How often should i test my hot tub ? - you should test your hot tub at least once a week, some people prefer to test twice a week, to ensure balanced chemicals. 

How do i know the optimal water levels for my spa? - The optimum levels are given on the test strip packaging. 

Will these strips work in my pool ? - Yes,however as pools are larger, we recommend using a tablet test kit to ensure correct results. See our shop.

How long does a test strip take to test the water ? - It takes roughly 10-15 seconds to get a correct reading.

Have decided to switch from Chlorine to Bromine. This product is competitively priced and arrived promptly, well packaged. Only comment ...

Rated by Stephen Connor