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This high quality cover lifter will make putting your spa cover on and off EASY!

Just fold into the middle and pull back, Anyone can do it!

As little as 15'' clearance is needed behind the spa, fits up to 8' hot tubs.

The design is attractive, sleek, low-profile and ergonomic. compliments any spa.  No more dragging the cover and ripping it to bits. Keep the cover in great condition. Make your cover last longer. 

This Cover Lifter is made of black powder coated aluminium and comes with screw caps and bolt caps to finish that plush hot tub look! The cover lifter has no moving parts and comes with a UV-resistant catch strap, making it totally trouble free. Made of top quality aluminium, reducing the bending, twisting and torquing of its cheaper look-alikes. 

Simply attach the covermate brackets onto the bottom of your hot tub or directly onto your decking. This comes with the added bonus of hidden screw holes or no screws into your hot tub at all! The lifter has minimal strain on your spa cabinet, as all the weight can be put onto decking or the strong bottom rim of your hot tub. 

Simply build the frame, attach the brackets, attach the straps onto your cabinet and boom, you are no longer dragging your hot tub cover around, Easy!

Does not suit Round or Octagonal Hot Tubs. 


This product is currently out of stock, but will be available to ship from Sunday 30 June 2019.

This has made it so much easier to lift the lid on my own. Great buy! ...

Rated by Lorraine Hiatt