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Grit Gitter Hand held Vacuum

Its one of the most frustrating things as a hot tub owner, the small particles of grit and dirt, which sit in the footwell and seats of you spa.

Problem solved. The new convenient and efficient handheld 'Grit Gitter' allows you to easily remove grit and dirt from your hot tub, spa or splasher pool.

Get the grit, while you sit. Simply relax in your pool/spa, whilst cleaning with the handheld grit gritter. The grit gitter can clean awkward corners, bucket seats, footwells, filter housings and jet manifolds. You can also use the grit gitter to clear debris from the water surface!

Cleans easily by simply emptying the debris compartment and cleaning the screen which filters the water.

So does it use batteries ? No, the Grit Gitter works by using air and squeezing to vacuum the grit from surfaces. This makes the grit gitter the most convenient handheld grit vacuum on the market, no batteries! no plugging in! 

See this YouTube video on the Grit Gitter..... http://bit.ly/u7uusc

Simple easy to use and effective little device for picking up the grit that gets in the tub from feet ...

Rated by Guy Napper

This actually works, useful for the grit at bottom of tub ...

Rated by Mark McKeown

Excellent small hot tub vacuum and very easy to use, removes all small pieces of grit from seats and foot ...

Rated by Nigel Petrony