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Granular Floc is used to sink unwanted debris to the bottom of the pool creating sparkling clear water.

By sinking debris to the bottom of the pool, the debris can then be removed easily using a vacuum.

This granular product is ideal for use when suspended particles cloud pool water. It promotes the tightening of the sand filter bed to increase filter efficiency. The product should only be used with swimming pool sand filters.
Directions for use:
Method 1 (For Very Cloudy Pool Water):
  1. Adjust PH to 7.4
  2. Pre-dissolve 800g per 45.5m3 (10,000 gallons) in water.
  3. Dispense solution over the full pool surface and allow distribution.
  4. Switch off pool pump and blow settlement over a 12 hour period.
  5. Carefully vacuum to waste.
  6. Repeat process if necessary.
Method 2 (For Slightly Cloudy Water):
  1. Backwash filter
  2. Adjust PH to 7.4
  3. Make sure skimmer is free of other chemicals.
  4. Pre-dissolve at a rate of 200g per 45.5m3 (10,000 gallons) in a plastic bucket. 
  5. Slowly pour 200gm per 45.5m3 (10,000 gallons) into the skimmer and allow the filtration to run continuously. 
  6. Backwash after 12 hours.
  7. Repeat process if necessary. 
HAPPY HINT! - Vac the pool 12 hours after the floc has done its work.