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Fully Loaded Ultimate Chlorine Dispenser 1.5kg

This ultimate chlorine dispenser is perfect for large above ground pools or smaller in-ground swimming pools. Specifically recommended for pools between 5,000 gallons (22,700 litres) and 15,000 gallons (68,175 litres).

The dispenser comes fully loaded with Chlorine, so there is no need to touch any chemicals in the process, simply place into your swimming pool and let the dispenser do the work!

Comes loaded with:

  • Sanitiser (Chlorine), to keep the water disinfected from bacteria.
  • Clarifier, to keep the water sparkling clean and improve water clarity.
  • Algaecide, to prevent algae in the long term, alongside the sanitiser.
  • Sun Stabiliser, to protect sanitiser (chlorine) levels from the sun.

The dispenser is adjustable, to allow for approriate chemical distribution in your swimming pool.

Prior to using this product, we recommend adjusting the PH level to the ideal 7.2-7.6 to promote effctive chemical use. The chlorine within the dispenser will slowly erode over a period of 3-5 weeks depending on water flow from your pool pumps.

As this is a slow release of chlorine, we recommed a shock treatment initially, to establish a chlorine level more rapidly.


Is there a smaller version of this dispenser? Yes, please have a look at our 720g version for swimming pools up to 5,000 gallons.

What is the ideal chlorine level in a swimming pool? Free chlorine should be maintained at 1-3mg/l (ppm). A sufficient and consistent chlorine level will ensure the swimming pool does not go green.

Can this be used in a hot tub? This isn't recommended for hot tubs, purely becuase it contains stabilisers and algaecide, which are not required in hot tubs and can create a difficult chemical balance.

How do i know when it's empty? The dispenser will tip over on its side when it is empty. A tilt of 45 degree indicates a new dispenser is required.

Can i top up this dispenser? No. This dispenser is not for re-fill, it has to be replaced with a new dispenser as it is a sealed container. If you would like to have a dispenser, which can be topped up, have a look at our large dispenser range for 200g chlorine tablets.

Excellent really easy product compared to mixing chemicals yourself. Staff were very helpful when I range for advice and good ...

Rated by Rebecca Lock

So easy to use. Really can't go wrong. As a novice the advice I was given was perfect. Many Thanks. ...

Rated by Stephen Taplin