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Dispense chlorine and bromine into your hot tub or swimming pool with this cool duck dispenser from Happy Hot Tubs.

This works with 20g tablets and can hold approximately 10 tablets. You can change the intensity of the dispenser by turning the bottom to open one, two, three or four holes. See photos that show this. 

The dispenser measures approximately 9 inches tall and the bottom section has a 3 inch diameter.  Duck is 5 inches by 4 inches. 


What size tablets does this hold ? - This holds any 20g bromine tablets. Please see our shop.

How can i change bromine levels with this ? - By, simply adjusting the dispensing holes at the bottom of the dispenser.

Will this work in my pool ? Yes, But only a slasher pool or 12' quick up pool. Anything bigger would require a 200g dispenser. 

Do you leave the dispenser to float whilst the spa's in use ? - No, it should be removed to prevent children from playing with it, for safety. 


A much more interesting look in the spa than the standard dispenser ...

Rated by wayne richards

So cute! Much nicer than the blue float we had where the top kept coming off! ...

Rated by Judy Beale

This item was recommended to us and we are delighted with it! ...

Rated by Vicki McNiven