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Filter Flosser - Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

Filter Flosser

Dirty filters are the main cause of flow problems and pump wear within hot tubs and swimming pools. So to ensure your filter stays in top condition, we bring you the Filter Flosser. Simply connect to your standard garden hose fitting and water will project in a powerful high velocity motion along each of the grooves to give your hot tub or swimming pool filters a deep clean. The difference between this and simply rinsing is that the great easy filter cleaner gets deep into the centre of your filter pleats to ensure a deep clean. It also prevents messy spray-back from your hose.

The connector cuts cleaning time dramatically, ensuring your hot tub or swimming pool stays filtering for as long as possible.

  • No Messy Spray-Back.
  • Substantially Decreases water wastage.
  • Made of 100% durable aluminium
  • It also generates a water and air agitation action that works out the dirt deposits down deep in the cartridge.
  • Reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50%.
  • Simply connecting, flick the switch and rinse your filters easily!
  • Clean multiple Pleats at once or turn it sideways and clean one pleat if its extra dirty.

Good stuff. Fast delivery. Good stuff. Fast delivery. Good stuff. Fast delivery. Good stuff. Fast delivery. ...

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