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Duramitt designed to remove 'bubble scum line' in spas and hot tubs.

Long Lasting, Effective and ergonomically correct. Also Perfect For Boats, Showers, Tubs And Patio Furniture.

FAQs regarding this product...

What cleaning product assists with this scrubber?
Spa Surface Cleaner will help remove scum and dirt. Please see our shop.

Does the spa need to be empty for this to used?
No, but the cleaner that you use may affect water-balance if your spa is full.


Really useful and long lasting Does the job really well. Would really recommend ...

Rated by Michele Crumb

Really useful and does its job very well Long lasting and would recommend ...

Rated by Michele Crumb

Great for cleaning the outer shell. Wearing the glove lets you get into all the curves and behind the jet ...

Rated by Mrs Joyce M Grant

Easy to use, removes scum line easily and leaves hot tub clean and silky smooth again. ...

Rated by Leslie Madell