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Bromine Tablets 1kg + Dispenser + Test Strips

This Pack Includes:

Test Strips

One-dip to test, Test strips for Bromine water care. Test for Bromine Level,Alkalinity and PH level. 50 Test Strips in this Pack.

Bromine tablets

These Bromine Tablets are ideal for daily dosing of your swimming pool or spa, to produce free active bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms.

They are round and about 25mm across, Bromine is More gentle than chlorine and the tablets work across a wide PH band.


this dispenser is for use with bromine and chlorine tablets. This dispenser floats on the surface of your Swimming pool or Hot Tub water. The use of this dispenser results in far more consistent levels of Chlorine or Bromine than a standard granular dosing.

Dispenser Specification:

  • Removable Cap to Tablet storage area.
  • Set and Forget! Adjustable vent.
  • Measures Approximately 135mm high & 125mm Diameter.
  • Made from strong durable plastic.
  • For 1-1/2'' Tablets (unsuitable for 200g Tablets)

Label may say Happyhottubs on this product , All goods are manufactured by CPC ,Brands -Blue Horizons or Aquasparkle.

FAQ's regarding this product....

Can i simply place these tablets in my spa water ? - No, This is not recommended as the tablets would be harmful to users, they are best in a dispenser or skimmer.

How do i switch from chlorine to bromine ? - Simply, drain your spa and replace/clean your filters to ensure no excess chlorine is left in the system.

Is Bromine available in granules ? - Yes, Please see our shop and search 'bromine granules'.

Are other spa chemicals compatible with bromine ? - Yes, As long as they are not chlorine based or contain chlorine.


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