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Booster Seat

1 x Hot Tub Booster Seat

Product Information

These versatile, water filled seats add to the comfort and convenience of enjoying your spa. Use as a booster seat or back support. Also ideal to elevate hips and legs for exercise. Great For Kids and for those deep loungers.

Made of strong, chemical resistant vinyl.

FAQs regarding this product....

How do you fill the booster seat?
Simply fill with water.

Should I take it out of the spa when not using it?
Yes, it should be removed to prevent long term chemical damage.

first one burst sent second one out without fuss, second one burst refunded again without fuss. ...

Rated by linda clarke

Not the best quality as it leaked after just 2 uses, but a no quibble refund offered. Another example of ...

Rated by Ian Bovey