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Quality Bromine Test Strips for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs.
One-dip to test, Test strips for Bromine water care.

Test for Bromine Level, Alkalinity and PH level.50 in each pack.

FAQ's regarding this product

How often should I test my hot tub ?
You should test your hot tub at least once a week, some people prefer to test twice a week, to ensure balanced chemicals.

Will these strips work in my pool ?
Yes, however as pools are larger, we recommend using a tablet test kit to ensure correct results. See our shop.

How do I know the optimal water levels for my spa?
The optimum levels are given on the test strip packaging.

How long does a test strip take to test the water ?
It takes roughly 10-15 seconds to get a correct reading.


Quick and easy to order online, delivered the next day. ...

Rated by Alison Hills

Excellent product and extremely fast delivery service. ...

Rated by Tanya Chandler

Best bromine test strips I've tried, great that they come in smaller blister packs as this keeps the strips fresher ...

Rated by Jolene Glanville

Delivered fast as promised, easy to use and manage your hot tub chemical mix. ...

Rated by Jeff Kirkham