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AquaSparkle Spa Surface Cleaner

Controls and removes scale in your spa. Regular usage of No Scale and good chemical balance is proven to prolong the life of your Hot Tub or Swimspa Pumps.

Scale Away will prevent and remove scale deposits caused by mineral precipitation which can build up rapidly on spa surfaces due to relatively high water temperatures. By removing the scale from the spa surface, it will make the spa surface more comfortable for bathing.

FAQ's regarding this product...

Why does scale build up on my spa surface?
This is due to an unbalanced PH level.

How do I remove large amounts of scale from my spa water?
You would need to drain your hot tub, thoroughly clean and re-fill.

Why does scale only build up after a water change?
Because, The PH of your hose water is unbalanced according to the water in your area.

Will "No Scale" affect my Chlorine / Bromine level?
No, it is a neutral chemical, therefore your chlorine/bromine level would be unaffected

Great item - Hot tub is sparkling - quick delivery ...

Rated by Sarah Brooker

Have not used as only just purchased........................................ ...

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