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AquaSparkle Spa Perfect Natural Chemistry 1ltr

1 x 1ltr. Spa Perfect Enzyme Technology by Natural Chemistry

Spa Perfect prevents scum build up and waterline rings, which are created by body oils, cosmetic and other organic wastes that are present in hot tub water. Spa Perfect can reduce general hot tub cleaning and scrubbing by up to 50%. 

Spa Perfect works alongside chlorine or bromine in your hot tub, so no need to change your usual cleaning routine. In addition, Spa Perfect assists with removing organic debris from your spa cartridge filters, reducing filter cleaning procedures. Not only does this save you money on cleaning products, it is also 100% biodegradable and produced using botanical extracts and natural enzymes. 

The key problems Spa Perfect eliminates are:

  • Waterline Rings (Caused by deposits within hot tub water)
  • Clogged Cartridges
  • Chemical Odours
  • Eye Irritation (Caused by chloramines)

Use Spa Perfect when sanitiser levels are low and do not exceed the 3-5mg/lt (ppm) range.  Approx 160ml of organic wastes are removed by a routine 80ml dose into a 1,000ltr volume hot tub.

Just what I needed and was delivered in a very quick and professional manner ...

Rated by Tanya Chandler