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AquaSparkle Immerse Filter Cleaner x 5

5 x 100g Immerse Filter Brite Cleaner

Rapidly Soluble Formula for Cartridge Filter Cleaning and removal of scale, rust, oils and greases. Immerse also sanitises the filter, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and algae.

Simply soak the filter cartridge in a bucket of water and place one sachet in, wait overnight and WHAM! you have a bright sparkling clean filter cartridge. One sachet treats up to 4 gallons (18 Litres) of water. You get 5 Sachets of Immerse Hot Tub and Swimming Pool filter Cleaner with this purchase.

FAQ's regarding this product...

Do I place my filters back in my spa dry or wet?
For best filtration results, ensure your filters are dry before placing them back in your spa.

How many filters will this sachet clean ?
This Sachet should last for one or two filter cleans, depending on filter size.

My Filter is too large to fit into a bucket to soak, what should I do to clean it ?
Its recommended that you use an instant filter cleaner spray or liquid cleaner, see our shop.

Whilst cleaning my filter, should I leave my spa working without filters?
No, you should ensure your spa does not run without filters, so either turn it off or use another filter.

Does exactly what it says it will Easy to use and cleans efficiently. Would recommend ...

Rated by Michele Crumb

Quick delivery as always. I hadn't used these before, usually I use the liquid in a bottle. These packets so ...

Rated by Sally Evans

I still find this product the best for the job, there are alternatives, but I'm happier using these ...

Rated by MJ Clinton

Nice and easy to use and does the job well, brings the filter up clean ...

Rated by lisa halls